Be the complete rider you deserve to be!

I am a professional cycling coach dedicated to performance cycle coaching for individuals and teams. Your goals will be at the heart of my coaching, no matter your level of fitness and skill

Qualified Cycling Coach & Personal Trainer

Personal training

No matter what your cycling goal is – whether you are training for a race, or just increasing your bike fitness. I will design a personalised training plan for you that fits your time, goals and budget.

Groups and teams

Sessions for cycling teams and groups. Structured Training sessions to build strength and fitness, along with Skills Sessions, working on bunch riding, climbing, and cornering skills.

One-off sessions

Are you targeting a tough challenge ride, a cyclo-sportive or an Audax? Working with a supportive coach will give you that confidence to achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible.

Don’t get fit, get fast!

I will get you Fit and Fast by combining Structured Training sessions to build strength and fitness. Along with Skills Sessions, to ensure you are as efficient as possible with your bike. Your machine. Working on pedal stroke, gear selection, climbing skills, cornering skills, the list goes on and on…