Judge Us by The Things We Don’t Do


At CC London we put a lot of effort in to do things right,

  • Structured rides
  • An all encumbering atmosphere
  • Race training
  • Racing
  • Trips
  • Big rides

And much much more…….

Because we are an all inclusive club, we are there to help you, to get you to wherever you want to go and what you want to achieve, out of this amazing sport. You can be what you want to be. You can achieve what you want to achieve, with structure and support you can do what ever you want to do!

However, with all this support and structure there is Three things that we don’t do. Three Things that we refuse to do. Three things we leave at the door.

The Three things we Do Not Do!

1, Ego’s

2, Comfort Zones

3, Excuses

So to explaine,

1, Ego’s


We all train to be faster, fitter, and ride further than everyone else

But! We are no better than any one else!

The only time we will ever look down on anybody is if we are giving them a hand up after they have come off

Looking down Poss

It doesn’t matter how good you thing you are, or how well you are riding. If you think your the best and you will never go backwards. Think again!

We all have times when we can’t train. Could be illness, injury, work commitments or family commitments.

We are all training hard, we are all working together well, however, none of us are professionals. Non of us are going to make Dave Brailsfords long list for this years Tour, non of us are going to Rio.

So need to keep our feet firmly on the floor (or on the pedals, as the case may be) respect others, keep doing the good stuff, keep training hard, and success will follow.

On the subject of Ego’s, and as many of us, and all of us who want to compete, should race. There is one, for me, distraction. One fly in the ointment. One debilitating factor.

As Sir Winston Churchill said..

‘Golf is the spoil of a good walk’

I say

‘Strava is the spoil of a good ride!’

Strava is a great tool to see where you have been, what climbs you climbed. If premium, what your stats are for the whole ride. All that is good, in my opinion.

But segments?

Is it really that cool to brag to all your mates that you have a KoM, or Cup on a dodgy segment on a B road that went through some traffic lights, that happened to be green that day? Or you find a road that no one has thought of yet and now your the champ?

It’s not real. It disrupts rides. It’s stuff to do on your own if you do. However, again, if you want to race? If you have a big sportive? Or big challenge? Who really gives a toss about the fact that your 8th fastest on the small section between the Zoo and the Mosque in the Park? (as an example)

The long and short. Training with structure. Train with passion. Respect your competitors. Fear no one. Fear nothing. Save the competition, for competition!

2, Comfort Zones

We all have things we prefer to do more than others. We all have things we are better at. We all have our comfort zones!

The only thing that will make us better as cyclist is to push ourselves, push the boundaries, push the things we think we cant do!

Because a lot of time, the first impression of road cycling to most is watching it on TV. So you see that in the Grand Tours there are different types of riders.There are..

Climbers. Small, skinny but very powerful riders who are made for mountains.


Sprinters. Bigger, stockier riders or so they look on TV


Or a bit of everything


But as I have said above, we are not pro’s.  We can’t say we are one thing or the other. If we race, we will never go up any hill/mountain in Britain that would get Niro Quintana out of his biggest gear. You will never sprint against a specialist sprinter anywhere close to Alexandre Kristoff or Mark Cavendish. Or ride a rolling tough course that will be ripped apart by the likes of Peter Sagan or Fabian Cancallara!

So the take home is, we can’t stand up and say we are one thing or the other.

If we don’t think we can sprint well. Then we practice sprinting so we can. It might not make us the greatest sprinter, but then we are never gonna sprint against Cav. But with some good training, in a 3/4 cat race, we’ll probably pick up a point or two if not win!

If we don’t think we can climb, with practice on hills. Again, regardless of your Power to Weight Ratio, there is no hill (especially in London or surround) that will effect us enough. Especially when we have the adrenaline of the race/event helping us.

There is nothing you can’t do within reason. Firstly we have to enjoy riding our bikes for riding sakes. Then if you want to improve, then you have to push the boundaries. Push through your comfort zone, be the rider you want and deserve to be!

3, Excuses


No one believes them. Not even you! Every one has a bad day, bad week, bad month. There are so many things to get in you way. Cycling is an all encompassing sport! A bad day can be a result of insufficient rest, poor eating, poor hydration, or simply your head is not right! Whatever it is, take a step back, rest, refuel, and start again. No messing. No excesses!

If you are riding high now, after training hard and you think this is it forever. Think again! This might sound negative, but to be fair it is just the truth. Endurance sport is hard. And those people who you are in front of now, are the people who might be in front of you in a few months time. We all get ill. We all get injured. We all have enforced rest for one reason or another. I can speak from experience. not just for what has happened recently, but for many times in the past. Your riding high, you get knocked down. You pick yourself up, brush yourself down and crack on!

No Egos!

No Comfort Zones!

No Excuses!






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